Experience the exhilaration of performing on stage with our Performance Opportunities at Riana van Wyk Performers Institute. We are committed to providing exceptional platforms for our students to showcase their musical talents. From recitals to collaborations and competitions, our performance opportunities will ignite your passion and allow you to share your music with the world.
Solo Performances

Showcase your musical accomplishments and artistry through captivating solo performances.

Community Events

Engage with the community through music by participating in special events, concerts, or outreach programs.


Explore exciting collaborations with talented artists from various disciplines, fostering creative connections and expanding your artistic horizons.

Ensemble Performances

Collaborate with fellow musicians in ensembles, bands, or orchestras to create memorable musical experiences.


Test your skills and track your progress by participating in prestigious music competitions, eisteddfods, and national and international grading exams. Compete with yourself to excel and measure your growth in the world of music.

Special Concerts

Take part in dedicated concerts and musical showcases where you can perform in a focused and intimate setting, sharing your music with a passionate audience.